I have always been interested in teaching methods and accreditation procedures, which guarantee the quality of a program and the ongoing improvement necessary to keep schools up-to-date with their environments.  I have been very active in the IACBE (International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education), an American accreditation agency and I am on their Board of Directors.  I regularly carry out site visits for prospective schools interested in obtaining the IACBE accreditation.

Mon parcours professionnel


Having worked in international higher education for 30 years, I have contributed to the internationalization of schools and the constant improvement of their academic standards. My objective is to provide students with opportunities to succeed in a global market, no matter what their nationality, country of origin or field of study. I have acquired extensive knowledge in the fields of admissions, marketing, international development, program design and quality control.I was Dean of Academics in France before going to the United States for 10 years where I was the Director of International Development for a big French education group. I established partnerships with well-known American universities to provide student and faculty mobility as well as double degree programs. Today, this French group has 29 American partner schools and welcomes 350 American students per year through summer programs and semester programs, accompanied or not by a faculty member.
Upon my return to France, I became Director of an American business school in Paris and redefined its positioning and strategy for welcoming even more foreign students.  Today, 60% of its student body is made up of non-French students coming from everywhere in the world.

More recently, searching for another source of foreign student recruitment, I established agreements with American community colleges (which offer 2-year programs) so that American students can pursue their studies in Europe to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and then a Master’s.